Driving a company towards change

— A guide to Digital Transformation

A guide to Digital Transformation

Medium or large companies are often complex and resistant to change. Change understood as the optimization of time and resources, change as an evolution that is increasingly necessary in the life of a company. TOW 80, as part of Beta 80 Group, was born to help companies to cope with this, proposing an offer focused exclusively on ServiceNow. Our mission is to accompany companies through their Digital Transformation, in every phase, towing them towards a successful future. TOW 80 is ServiceNow Elite Partner.

En route to success

The towboat is a solid and powerful boat, capable of towing large and heavy ships and taking them in a very specific direction. TOW 80 is inspired by this metaphor and proposes itself as a partner of excellence for all those medium or large companies that need to be guided towards a digitalization of the workflow and their Digital Transformation.

To do so, we chose a single product: ServiceNow. It is a clear strategic choice, determined by various reasons: the growing demand for resources and specialist support; the increase in the diffusion of the Now Platform; the need to strengthen already acquired leadership; the availability of a distinctive and capitalizable specialization; a strong relationship and synergy already existing with ServiceNow; the need to enhance the skills already present.

One product only: the best one

Our skills range from development to methods, from user experience to integration, to training on ServiceNow. Specializing on a single platform, TOW 80 offers full coverage of project areas: consulting, implementation, support and training. The offer is therefore not limited only to the technological field, but covers the entire project spectrum, starting with the qualification or identification of the business problem to be solved.

TOW 80 is the first company in Italy with an offer dedicated exclusively to the ServiceNow platform, with 40+ active customers and 90+ active projects in Italy, and 250+ Professional Certifications (78 “mainline”), in regular and constant increase. TOW 80 is part of Beta 80 Group company and has been awarded by ServiceNow as 2020 Global Partner of the Year and 2020 EMEA Partner of the Year. TOW 80 boasts a very in-depth knowledge of the ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, FSM and CSM modules, thanks to the particular technological and functional background of its professionals, as well as experiences and certifications relating to the HR and GRC modules. The Customer SATisfaction (CSAT) of TOW 80 exceeds the value of 9 out of 10: a result of evident excellence, which TOW 80 achieves thanks to the expertise of its professionals and the end-to-end coverage of the design phases.