ServiceNow Partnership / A single platform for the Digital Transformation

A single platform for the Digital Transformation

— ServiceNow, the platform of platforms.

Guiding companies into the ServiceNow adoption

TOW 80, as part of DGS group, was born to guide medium and large companies in their journey through Digital Transformation. TOW 80 was Award winner twice in 2020, obtaining the exclusive recognition as the best ServiceNow Global Partner of the year worldwide, as well as that of EMEA Partner of the year.


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Choosing to focus on a single platform is a strong and precise strategic position. It means reliability and certainty in proposing the best option on the market, offering total coverage of the project areas. The proposal is therefore not limited only to the technological aspect, but covers the entire design spectrum, starting with the qualification or identification of the business problem to be solved. Thanks to its 60+ customers, 120+ delivered projects and 110+ mainline certifications,  TOW 80 stands as a partner of reference and excellence to safely guide companies in adopting the platform.


The Now Platform helps companies manage digital workflows for numerous business operations. ServiceNow provides the infrastructure needed to perform data collection, archiving and application development on a single platform. This simplifies and facilitates communications, thanks to the implementation of a single portal, which gives access to a single flow of information, clear and free of potential errors deriving from uncontrolled operations (transcripts, spreadsheets, e-mails, PPTs, and so on).

TOW 80’s offer includes consulting, implementation, support and training for the various modules of the Now Platform. Starting from the more traditional ones of IT management (IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Asset Management), up to project and investment management (Strategic Portfolio Management), and to the modules dedicated to Human Resources (HR Service Delivery), Customer Service Management (CSM) e al Field Service Management (FSM).


The Now Platform enables companies to digitize workflows efficiently and operate them on a large scale. The benefits are tangible: the platform allows you to automate the work of all individuals and teams, redesigning each business process as a digital workflow, allowing you to extend and build apps for flows on a single cloud platform. The Now Platform offers the foundation on which everyone – from professional developers to citizen developers – has the opportunity to work quickly obtaining apps connected to systems and data, with end-to-end visibility, all without code, or almost. The platform offers seamless experiences: the Mobile Studio allows you to reach further levels of user productivity and user satisfaction with intuitive experiences, without writing a single line of code.
The workflow app is configured according to the client company’s brand identity in a totally consistent way, with reusable templates and elements. The Now Platform allows you to connect the company in an integrated way, thanks to Integration Hub, capable of combining the different apps, platforms and data in a unified experience. Thanks to Now Intelligence, the native system of AI and Analytics, it is possible to work in an intelligent way, because it allows you to anticipate potential problems, make business decisions in a smarter way, and help people to carry out work more easily and fast thanks to machine learning and intelligent chatbots.

Customers who have chosen us as partners for their Digital Transformation and for the adoption of ServiceNow have expressed particular satisfaction with the aspects of:

  • convenience in interfacing with a single platform
  • implementation performance and speed
  • ease of integration with external company services
  • high possibility of configuration and simplicity in customization
  • flexibility in the use and reporting of the data on the platform
  • ease in managing notifications to support daily operations
  • possibility of managing service levels (internal to processes)
  • ease of selection and data extraction
  • convenience of process monitoring via workflow
  • rationalization of the business processes covered by the project
  • availability of new features, made available with frequent releases.