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ServiceNow Elite Partner

— An awarded partner for the Digital Transformation.

A partnership for excellence

TOW 80, owned by Beta 80 Group, is ServiceNow Elite Partner, the highest level of partnership expected for local players, and holds more than 250 certifications (78 of which “mainline”). The only company in Italy to win the Award titles twice in a row, in 2020 TOW 80 obtained the exclusive recognition both as the best Global  Partner of the Year worldwide, and as EMEA Partner of the Year, and boasts more than 40 clients and more than 90 projects.

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TOW 80

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TOW 80 therefore acts as a reference player to safely guide medium/large companies in the adoption of ServiceNow. The platform helps companies manage digital workflows for numerous and diverse business operations. It provides the infrastructure needed to perform data collection, archiving and application development on a single hub. This simplifies and facilitates communications, giving access to a single flow of information, clear and free of potential errors resulting from uncontrolled operations.

TOW 80 offers consulting, implementation, development and training for the different modules of the Now Platform, starting from the more traditional modules of IT management (ITSM, ITOM, ITBM), up to the modules dedicated to Human Resources (HR), Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Service Management (FSM), all on a single platform.