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Tow To Work

— ServiceNow technology for remote working.


We are all progressively returning to the office, and in a totally new way.

After months of homeworking, the primary need for companies and employees is security. And a smart approach to remote working has become mandatory too, aimed at getting its advantages and opportunities. Tow to Work (TTW) is Tow 80‘s response to the new needs determined by both the anti-Covid legislation and a more effective management of workspaces. A service based on the ServiceNow platform, designed to ensure a safe return to the office and to facilitate the organization of life at work. In fact, both from the desktop and from the Now Mobile app, it will be possible to book any type of shared space, easily manage the back-end functions and much more, as the service is developed to suit the customer.

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Tow to Work was born, therefore, to meet new needs related to the use of office spaces.

Companiies employees are not only gradually returning to their headquarters after months of homeworking, but who also want to manage their time as efficiently as possible, to ensure perfect integration between remote work and face-to-face activities.

The service, based on the ServiceNow platform, allows users to book the different workspaces, define the times of use and thus ensure full compliance with the safety and social distancing regulations.



Rooms (such as offices, open spaces, desks) can be booked via the ServiceNow Service Catalog. Within the section dedicated to Tow to Work, the user can choose from the resources available, organized by location and floor.

Once the room has been selected, the maximum capacity and available seats are displayed (which are updated with each booking).


This way, risks of gatherings and overcrowding are minimized, and the system responds with an error message to those who try to access rooms that have already reached maximum capacity: space management is facilitated and the process is completely automated.



On the portal header, the user can then see and manage all the requests he has opened thanks to a special widget (Office Area – Space Reservation Requests) and delete them with a simple click in case of agenda changes, thus freeing spaces for colleagues.


The available information is:


  • Maximum capacity of the room (recovered from the CMDB)
  • Allocation start date (automatically filled in today)
  • Allocation end date
  • List of applicants
  • Any booking notes

A few possibilities of customization (for example, to define a maximum allocation of one week) are included.

The Now Mobile app offers the same functions, available for both Android and iOS.




In the meantime, the administrators of our Tow to Work solution are provided with a wizard for loading the rooms, with relative definition of the maximum capacity.

Data can be loaded from an XLS file or any external data source.



Thanks to a special dashboard, ITIL operators will be able to manage requests in a simple and intuitive way that also allows them to view different reports:

  • Calendar of reservations
  • Trend with the progress of reservations
  • Histogram dedicated to the use of the bookable rooms.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It uses ServiceNow base functions and does not require any extra subscription
  • Available in English and Italian (other languages added on request)
  • Customizable
  • In constant evolution.