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Our TOW 80 ServiceNow support service accompanies the client company in all the steps of the technology adoption project: from administration to configuration, to the evolution of the platform. TOW 80 takes care of the entire assistance chain: maintenance, ticket management, performance monitoring…

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TOW 80

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Making the most of ServiceNow

TOW 80 offers support services after implementation in a highly flexible way, to ensure that the solution becomes an integral part of daily operations. The service can cover simple administration activities up to the complete configuration and evolution of the platform. TOW 80 can take care of maintenance, incident resolution, and make sure that the changes made do not affect performance. Our team is highly specialized and has more than 50 consultants with 110+ ServiceNow mainline certifications. It will ensure that the client company always has a stable and optimized system available, with a view to growth.

The support service includes:

  • administration
  • application management
  • platform support
  • customized supports
  • small customization
  • performance assurance
  • support for upgrades
  • managed services.