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Customer Service Management Implementation

— Activate, configure and use the ServiceNow CSM application.

Activate, configure and use thenServiceNow CSM application.

This 2-day course covers the common technical aspects of an implementation, as well as the processes to manage it effectively. This mix allows participants to learn the fundamentals associated with their role, as well as develop an overall view of all team roles and responsibilities.

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Course duration: 2 days (9:00-17:00)


Technical level: advanced


Prerequisites: ServiceNow Fundamentals, Customer Service Management Fundamentals


Certification issued: Certified Implementation Specialist – CSM.


At the end of this course and the CSM Fundamentals course, it is recommended that participants gain 3 to 6 months of experience on the ServiceNow platform following on one or two CSM projects. Subsequently, you can proceed with the certification exam. Further details regarding this exam, including the exam scheme itself, can be found on ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist page. Upon successful completion, you will receive the “Certified Implementation Specialist – CSM” certificate.

This course is designed for functional administrators who intend to configure and manage the Customer Service Management application.


When customers have problems, they expect a quick resolution that involves them as little as possible. They prefer methods of interaction such as online self-service over direct interaction with service agents. They must also be able to choose the means of communication they like: telephone, email or chat, etc. To deliver the highest levels of service, agents need real-time collaboration mechanisms and metrics that aren’t available with traditional tools.


ServiceNow Customer Service Management is different. We provide your customers with a portal that offers an effortless self-service experience. Our approach connects people, workflows and processes that involve the departments concerned in case management and resolution. We improve efficiency with automation that gives agents visibility into the operation of customer systems, along with tools to perform in-depth analysis of the causes of malfunctions and provide a preventative diagnostic system. The result is simple, connected and proactive customer service.