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Event Management Fundamentals

— ServiceNow infrastructure monitoring.

Advanced event management.

Event management begins with an event generated by a monitoring solution and ends with the automatic resolution of an infrastructure problem. As a standard part of the IT operations management suite, this ITOM application is a manager of managers that log events raised in native and third-party monitoring systems used as alerts and other activities in ServiceNow. In this two-day event management fundamentals course, participants learn how to enable service-centric operations management by configuring event management in ServiceNow.

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Course duration: 2 days (9:00-17:00)


Prerequisites: it is recommended, but not required, that participants have a basic understanding of ServiceNow administration.

The ServiceNow Event Management Fundamentals course is for customers, partners, and employees who implement and administer features, functions, and data associated with events and alerts. A participant is suitable for this course if they perform or advise on any of the following job roles or responsibilities:

  • ServiceNow implementer
    ServiceNow system administrator



  • Describe the features and benefits of ITOM Health Event Management as it fits into the ITOM suite of applications
  • Learn to navigate key components of the Event Management application (e.g., operator workspace, dashboard, alert intelligence)
  • Capture and log events
  • Generate meaningful alerts from events
  • Create actionable activities, such as incidents, from alerts
  • Use Agent Client Collect monitoring