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GRC Integrated Risk Management Implementation

— Compliancy and risk management.

The Governance within ServiceNow

How to learn the domain knowledge, technicalities, and various processes required to effectively manage a risk, policy, and compliance implementation, as part of the ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) suite. Build existing knowledge and implementation skills through recorded lectures and demonstrations. Practice various tactical skills and strategies through hands-on labs.

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Details and topics covered



Course duration: 3 days (9:00-17:00)



  • GRC: Fundamentals of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) – complete before taking this course
  • Audit Management Implementation: Complete before taking the Certified Implementation Specialist for Risk and Compliance exam
  • GRC: Fundamentals of Classical Risk Assessment
  • Certified System Administrator (CSA) certified



  • Explore policy and compliance management and risk management applications
  • Application Information GRC: Regulatory Change Management
  • Define key terminology and people in the GRC industry
  • Evaluate risk and compliance use cases
  • Examine entity scope considerations and techniques
  • Discuss functionality, security, and basic application architecture
  • Review advanced risk assessment functionality, setup, and configurations
  • Review solution features and implementation considerations
  • Discuss supported integrations and share common practices