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Now Platform Implementation

— Specialists of implementation.


This course enables participants to successfully implement ServiceNow core functionality to meet the customer’s business requirements, and serves as a foundation for implementing business-oriented applications. It covers technical aspects and provides practical exercises. This combination allows participants to acquire technical skills typical of their role, as well as develop an overall view of the responsibilities of the entire group.

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Course duration: 3 days (9:00-17: 00)

Technical level: advanced

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Fundamentals, self-paced course on the SIM methodology, experience in software development (Javascript primarily)


Certification issued: Not provided

This course is designed for technical consultants, developers, solution consultants, system administrators, and architects who wish to follow a path to becoming certified implementation specialists. After the lessons, participants will be able to choose specific paths to continue their training. Using practical exercises, presentations and simulations, students will work on pre-existing knowledge and apply best practices, which include:


  • use common resources to learn more about ServiceNow
  • system configuration, including the CMDB
  • supported authentication options
  • application security and encryption
  • configuration best practices and design principles
  • integrations, including LDAP, Single-Sign-On and Integration Hub
  • management of the request and data cleaning
  • automation with Flow Designer
  • virtual teaming
  • testing with Automated Test Framework


Working in groups with development and test instances, students will experience:

  • practical implementations based on functional requirements
  • complete sprint cycles, including planning, execution and verification
  • go live preparation.