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Performance Analytics Fundamentals

— Manage Performance Analytics to improve your services.


With this interactive course, participants will learn to master the configuration and use of the ServiceNow Performance Analytics application (Premium version). The course is designed for Performance Analytics administrators, power users and business process owners who are required to have a deeper knowledge of Performance Analytics.

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Course duration: 2 days (9: 00-17: 30)

Technical level: intermediate

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Fundamentals

Certification issued: Performance Analytics Micro Certification

The lessons of this course are designed for Performance Analytics administrators and power users in charge of administering the application. Even the owners of all those services who have the task of designing the requirements and specifications for the creation of indicators and dashboards, can certainly benefit from our sessions.


A combination of lessons and exercises will allow participants to:

  • be introduced to the essential concepts of Performance Analytics
  • perform a detailed analysis of the indicators using Analytics Hub
  • create and configure data collection jobs
  • configure the Sources of Indicators and build automatic indicators
  • create breakdowns for multidimensional analyzes
  • define the manual indicators and manage the manual loading of data
  • build formula indicators to calculate inferences between services and processes
  • make data actionable and improve navigation between objectives, thresholds and element filters
  • identify widget types and build custom widget views
  • design role-based dashboards containing widgets and data filters.