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Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals

— Add your own functionalities in ServiceNow.

Extend possibilities with javascript api's

This course starts with client-side scripting and progresses to server-side scripting. You will use your JavaScript background to write, test and debug scripts using real-world use cases. This course offers lectures, demonstrations, and ample opportunity to write scripts yourself in a wide variety of lab activities.

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Course duration: 3 days (9:00-17: 00)


Prerequisites: to ensure you have the best experience in this course, please make sure you have completed the following prerequisites. We pick up where related topics left off in the following ServiceNow courses, where you see how to use key custom scripted features:

  • Welcome to Service Now
  • ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals
  • Flow Designer Overview



  • JavaScript knowledge as this course does not teach programming language
  • JavaScript experience with the ability to write, test, and debug JavaScript
  • Familiarity with database tables and columns

The focus of the course is how to use your existing JavaScript skills in the Now platform.

Topics covered:

  • Scripting overview
  • Script clients
  • UI Policy
  • Catalog Client Scripts and UI Policies
  • Business Rules
  • GlideSystem
  • GlideRecord
  • Scripts Includes
  • Flow Designer Scripting