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ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals

— Explore and configure ServiceNow Applications.


This course was developed for the Tokyo version and uses the Next Experience user interface (UI). If you’re not familiar with innovative design, there’s a quick way to see what it is. Sign up for “Get Started with Next Experience User Interface (UI) and Unified Navigation” and watch the short overview video here.

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Course duration: 3 days (9: 00-17: 00)


Technical level: basic


Prerequisites: in order to profitably participate in the ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals course, it is necessary to follow the 3-hour introductory course (on-demand and free) on the NowLearning platform at this link.


Certification released: Upon completion of this course, ServiceNow recommends that participants gain 2 to 3 months of experience on the ServiceNow platform before attempting the Certified System Administrator certification exam

This course is designed to be the entry point to the intermediate level for those performing ServiceNow system administration tasks within an organization.

ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals is a three-day course held as Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), in Italian.

The course offers explanations, group discussions, and reviews of real-world system administration scenarios. You will also receive your own personal sandbox instance for the duration of the class to practice lessons learned through a variety of hands-on lab exercises to establish and develop common concepts and skills.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Configure applications for Fulfillers and Agents
  • Configure self-service access
  • Provide support to Fulfillers and Agents
  • Maintain an instance
  • Optimize an instance
  • Produce automated test packages