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Software Asset Management Fundamentals

— Master the installation, configuration and use of the application.


Designed for all those customers, partners and end users who implement and manage all features, functionalities and data associated with software Assets, this course is dedicated to ServiceNow Implementer, ServiceNow System Administrator, Software Asset Manager figures.

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Course duration: 3 days (9: 00-17: 00)

Technical level: intermediate

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals

Certification released: Certified Implementation Specialist – Software Asset Management

Defining a Software Asset Management (SAM) policy includes some key steps: planning a project, establishing practices, identifying the required information and how that information can be obtained and how the asset management processes must be defined software, as well as how technology can support these steps.

Most of SAM’s modules cover a variety of people and departments, including IT, Administration and Finance, Purchasing, and end users.


Upon completion of this course, ServiceNow advises participants to gain two to three months of experience on the ServiceNow platform before attempting the certification exam.

Our combination of lessons and exercises will allow participants to


  • manage software licenses (models, licenses and metrics)
  • control the cost of purchasing and managing software assets
  • manage the software life cycle from planning to decommissioning
  • define and achieve software compliance with licensing
  • check software use and uninstallation

improve software-related services to end users

  • create standards and processes for the management of software assets.